London-based personal trainer, Vivian Fonseca is the creator of the ultimate booty workout; The Brazilian Method.

As one of Brazil’s best-known fitness instructors, her work has taken her to Canada, the USA, and now London. Personal training is Vivian’s true passion and her life has been dedicated to helping others achieve their full fitness potential.

Starting out as an instructor in Sao Paulo, Vivian quickly became a well-known name in the fitness world.

Her sell-out group fitness classes across disciplines including spinning, mat Pilates, aerobics, circuit training, and TRX attracted athletes and famous Brazilian models alike.

Tell us about your journey into the fitness world.

Vivian Fonseca: I started out as a professional volleyball player in my home country of Brazil. I went to train at the gym every day from the age of 14. When I left professional volleyball I worked in sports science.

With a post-graduate degree in physiology and obesity, I specialised in orthopaedic rehabilitation for people with sports-related injuries, in particular the hips and back. I have worked with different types of people from businessmen to teenagers but my main clients are women who want to have their bodies sculpted, especially their bum.

What brought you to the UK?

Vivian Fonseca: Brazil underwent a massive economic crisis and most of my foreign clients returned to their countries. Some came back to London. My family is European so it made sense to look for new opportunities to build my own business. My partner at the time was English and his support also helped a lot.

How did you create the Brazilian Method?

Vivian Fonseca: I brought together all my knowledge of the muscles I had been studying around the hips and core area for my clients in Brazil and studied how to activate them to improve their strength.

I use different resistance and movements to activate specific muscles – muscles most of us never even knew existed! The group class sessions started here in London.

My method was quite new and as soon as I created the class it took only three months before it became very popular, since you can see results very quickly. This type of localised training produces results impressively fast.

Your clients must be very happy. What changes do you see in these women?

Vivian Fonseca: As their physical image of themselves changes they feel more confident and attractive. I can see they change their outfits and wear sexier clothes. Clients take up more physically challenging sports, too. They feel strong when they can see they are improving their workout level, and that they can get better and better!

Why are Brazilians known for their bottoms? Is it in their DNA?

Vivian Fonseca: It’s a combination of a Brazilian stereotype of beauty and also the combination of our different ancestries – some of us have naturally big bums.

What are your thoughts on buttock implants?

Vivian Fonseca: It’s an option for those who prefer another strategy to get the perfect curve. My workout can help a lot for people with a flat bum, but to get really big results nothing is a substitute for surgery.

I recently saw your holiday shots on Instagram. Your body is a work of art. How often are you training and what type of food intake keeps you balanced?

Vivian Fonseca: I train four to five times per week, three to four times with bands and two sessions of cardio. I eat protein in all of my meals. I drink a lot of green juice and A LOT of water!

Hydration makes you not have that constant feeling of being hungry and needing to snack all the time. Water is key.

How do you encourage people to understand the link between a healthy mind and a strong body?

Vivian Fonseca: When you are explaining how important the connection between both body and mind is, you have to show by example. I am committed to a lifestyle of positivity and wellbeing. It’s easy to encourage people when you practice what you believe.

What is the best part of your job?

Vivian Fonseca: It’s an amazing feeling to see women smile with faces lit up and full of happiness! When I see one picture of my client feeling happy with their body, it makes my day!!!


Vivian Fonseca’s Brazilian Method

Check out her classes here and follow her on Instagram here.


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