Why we love Raw Beauty Lab’s Vegan Collagen, a plant-powered ‘drink for your skin’ supplement.

It’s 100% Plant-based

Created by clean beauty campaigner Sonia Bainbridge and her husband Jared, Raw Beauty Lab’s Vegan Collagen is, well…vegan!

While collagen supplements are usually marine or bovine sourced, Raw Beauty Lab’s Vegan Collagen supplement is a blend of antioxidant-rich vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that help protect elastin and build collagen.

It’s 100% Natural

As a Miss Australia runner up, Sonia has first-hand knowledge of the beauty industry and did not like what she saw. She was shocked by the amount of synthetic and potentially toxic ingredients used in products.

“Unlike other brands, we don’t take synthetic shortcuts. We only use whole food vitamins and nutrients sourced directly from the whole food matrix. It’s more expensive for us but we think your results are worth it and it’s kinder on your stomach and on the planet. “

“Most beauty supplements use synthetic vitamin C (ascorbic acid),” she adds. “It’s cheaper and easier than using real plants but involves highly industrialised processes in factory settings. Instead, we use plant-based vitamin C, sourced directly from whole foods, which has been shown to be 1210% more effective than synthetic alternatives.”

Their Vegan Collagen is also free from sweeteners, stevia, artificial flavours, fillers, preservatives and additives.

Raw Beauty Lab

It’s Backed by Science

Sonia and Jared spent years in research, development and product testing before launching their Vegan Collagen in 2020. With a degree in pharmacology, Sonia’s comprehensive understanding of ingredient labelling and formulations goes far beyond most consumers’ knowledge.

“Our chosen ingredients are always backed by science to deliver real benefits,” she says. “Our products deliver visible results. We use a litmus test for any new ingredient we’re considering – if I’m not completely happy, it doesn’t go in the product.”

It’s Ethical

Raw Beauty Lab is passionate about doing things ethically. Sonia explains: “Our ethos is all about putting people and the planet before profit. There are so many supplement companies today that want to make a quick dime and do so to their customers’ detriment. We pride ourselves in doing things differently.”

Raw Beauty Lab

Vegan Collagen’s plant-based ingredients are minimally processed to reduce CO2 output. Their packaging is completely plastic-free, and their Vegan Collagen pouches are compostable. Raw Beauty Lab produces their supplements locally in London and they have partnered with Trees for the Future by committing to plant a tree for every order placed.

“One tree will absorb up to 20,000 tonnes of CO2 over its lifetime, a positive legacy that we want to leave behind for generations to come.”


Find out more about Raw Beauty Lab on their website or by following them on Instagram at @rawbeautylab

Photo Credit: Andreia Roque


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