Kerry O’Sullivan is Energy Alignment & Tantric Embodiment Goddess, founder of The Goddess Awakening®, Number One Best Selling Author of Surrender To Your Truth and recently starred in Channel 4 documentary Sex Actually.

Interview by Melanie Sykes.

Congratulations on your appearance on the ‘Sex Actually’ show! For those who didn’t see it, can you explain what you do and how this line of work came to be for you?

Kerry O’Sullivan: Thank you, it’s been so wonderful to be able to share some of the work that I do in the world. I work primarily with women to connect to their inner beauty and awaken their sexual energy to heal the past, connect more deeply to the present and step into the person they truly want to be.

Five years ago, I left my job in the corporate sector with no job to go to, knew I was destined for more but had no idea what that looked like. I was so blown away by my healing journey and transformation that followed, that I retrained and now help women who have become disconnected from themselves and their power. I show them how to take ownership of their energy every day so they can manifest the life they truly desire.

Has the show piqued people’s interest, and have you noticed a surge of inquiries?

Kerry O’Sullivan: I’ve had loads of new followers and inquiries since the showed aired. It’s been amazing speaking to so many beautiful souls and starting them on the magical healing journey of self-discovery.

Your energy is fantastic. What was the catalyst for your awakening and then the desire to help others?

I trained in holistic therapies 15 years ago and have always loved helping others and spent years working for charities and treating friends and family. Five years ago, when one of my best friends was diagnosed with cancer, I decided that it was time. Life was way too short, so I left my 15-year career in media to see what life had in store for me. It was then that my self-development journey began.

During this time, although I was happy on the outside, the moment I delved into silence, I realised I didn’t like myself very much. I started a meditation course and as I drifted off into meditation, I found myself in sexual fantasies and had no idea why it was happening and I felt so much shame for this sexual, wild side of me.

Over the next few months, as I started to acknowledge my thoughts and emotions, I started to get flashbacks of my past. I was sexually abused across my childhood and was sexually assaulted at 17 and here I was at 37, remembering this for the first time. It shocked me to the core and at first, I tried to suppress it and run away. I was so wild and I thought that sex was the answer – it wasn’t. That’s when I discovered Tantra and I used Tantric Massage alongside Energy Alignment Method to start healing my trauma. I knew then that this was why I was here. This was what I’d be searching for. A big part of my work now is to help other women who have experienced trauma of some kind on how they can release this from their bodies and feel free again.

There is a ‘myth’ that we don’t talk about sex and intimacy as much as we should. The verbal exploration around being orgasmic or not, as the case may be, can be and is healing and educational in itself. What is your overriding message about opening up about such things?

Kerry O’Sullivan: Although a generalisation, it’s true of most people and certainly in British culture. Sex and intimacy are not an everyday conversation, but this is part of my mission to get the conversations going because once people feel safe and know it’s welcomed, they love to open up.

Sex and intimacy are a big part of our lives and whether you have lots in your life or yearn for more connection in this area, I think it’s healthy to speak about it. The more tapped into your sexual energy, the more freedom that opens up in your body and across all aspects of your life. This is a huge part of my message and an area that is so untapped, especially in women.

How can women unlock their sexual power? And why is it that some women cannot access their full potential and orgasmic selves? Is it always down to trauma of some kind, or can it be just a personality trait and, of course, not finding your voice in the bedroom?

Kerry O’Sullivan: The good news is that sexual power is available to us all if we choose to access it. It’s a choice, but trauma and conditioning from our past or our perception or views on sex and the way you feel about intimacy and your body can be a huge block to you feeling it. This then impacts the confidence you have in your own sexuality and pleasure and openly speaking about it in and outside of the bedroom.

I never had a relationship with my genitals – energetically or physically. I thought it was disgusting. I used to hate the word “Pussy” and was so triggered by it, but now I love it and refer to mine as this, as well as Yoni, Vulva, Womb, Hara. It all depends on the mood I am in, and you don’t need to have a name at all, but connection to her is key.

You can unlock your sexual energy simply by spending more time connecting to yourself, by speaking to her and asking what she likes and what is stopping her from feeling more? She will tell you, but if it’s been some time since you’ve listened or even asked yourself, it may take time. It’s a practice and my invitation is to open up the conversation today and see what unfolds.

How did you train in this work, and what is the process of certification?

Kerry O’Sullivan: Over the last five years, I have retrained as an Energy Alignment Mentor and Tantra Massage Practitioner. Both of these were intensive yearlong courses involving deep inner work on myself through in-person workshops and training as well as practical work with clients/case studies for certification.

They both built on the qualifications I already had in holistic therapies and I have continually invested in further training to further my knowledge in these fields. I now offer Tantric Experiences for women and couples as well as a couples course and a deep dive three-month soul journey called The Goddess Awakening® that follows the path I went on in my own healing journey.

You are very into getting the body moving. We do not express ourselves much in this way; how important is it to let our bodies loose as it were? And what does it trigger in us?

Kerry O’Sullivan: The body is so powerful and holds on to so much and is trying to communicate to you all the time. The more you are in tune with your body and meet it with what it needs, the more you will feel. When you open up to feeling everything, including those things that feel uncomfortable, it will move through you with ease.

If you don’t listen to our body’s cries, it starts to communicate with you in other ways and can lead to low energy or manifest into things like headaches or illnesses. If you listen and let the body express itself, it opens you up to feeling everything including pleasure in every cell of your body. There is so much to experience here if you surrender to it all.

Kerry O’Sullivan

For people who cannot get to a specialist like yourself, what are the key things we can try to get our sexual energy moving?

Kerry O’Sullivan: Spending more time with your body alone is a great way to listen and notice where it holds tension. Move your body to wake it up and focus specifically on your pelvis area, do some hip rotations, shaking, letting the body move.

Focus on your breath and let yourself be expressed with sound and movement. Do this as a daily practice. Put a song on that you love with the intention of getting your sexual energy moving and letting yourself go.

This will get things moving if you are open and ready to feel the magic and the power to be accessed here.

We are looking forward to hearing from you regularly at Frank. How will you be sharing your wisdom, and what can we expect?

Kerry O’Sullivan: Open-hearted conversation and practical tips around sex, intimacy, relationships, and how we can access more pleasure in our lives by listening, acknowledging, and embodying everything that arises in us.

Learn more about Kerry here and follow her here.

Book: Surrender To Your Truth – Available on Amazon, Waterstones and Barnes & Noble

Photos By Katrina Festorazzi (Fast2Foto)


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