Tapping is a form of emotional therapy that uses your fingertips to tap on certain meridian points on the face and body to clear emotional tension, change habits, cure phobias and even release physical pain. With its roots in acupressure, it has evolved from Thought Field Therapy (TFT) to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and now manifesting coach Poppy Delbridge has developed Rapid Tapping® – that not only clears away negative blocks but helps you swiftly increase your levels of positivity, success and fulfilment. We caught up with her as she launched her new book Tapping In.

Poppy, for those of us who aren’t familiar with tapping, can you tell us how it works?

Tapping is an evidence-based solution for anxiety, overwhelm and stress because it shuts down the stress response in the body.

This is incredible for SOS moments when you just need to be calm and to reconnect with yourself. However, the most exciting part is that it can also be used to create what you want from your life and your emotional health.

Tapping, for me, is a mix of science and spirituality. The science is clear – it works with your brain and nervous system to regulate emotions.

It stops the production of cortisol, in some studies up to 43%. Science also shows it is beneficial to the skin, boosting collagen production and fighting wrinkles, so I design my routines with this in mind.

However, there is this magic part of tapping, where you connect with something other than just the brain. You notice your consciousness, your soul and your heart.

You don’t need to know huge amounts about points or meridian lines to use tapping; the real trick is to accept that energy is at the heart of everything. Tapping allows us to safely and quickly shift trapped energy in our bodies, stored over many year of memories.

You’ve just launched your first book Tapping In. Can you tell us more about it?

It’s written for anyone who wants to awaken possibilities, unlock their full potential and live their best lives, no matter what is going on in the world.

It is a book to teach you how to use tapping and incorporate rapid tapping into your daily routines in the most simple, fast-acting and efficient way.

What inspired you to write it?

I tend to resonate mostly with women who seek to live their lives in the most fulfilling way, especially those who have had careers or want to start or scale a business. I resigned from a big executive role in television to focus on my private coaching and to develop my techniques full-time.

I have now set up my own self-tapping and manifesting movement Rapid Tapping because I want to be a spokesperson for joy, true success and happiness.

I know what it’s like to be a mother to a teenager, do scary things, and have these tools in my back pocket. So, I just had to write it to share what I’ve seen manifesting as results behind closed doors.

Poppy Delbridge

From prana in India to ch’i in China,the idea of energy exists in cultures, religions and movements the world over. I believe that there is, at the very heart of all, a Truth: the existence of an infinite and incredible Universal Energy. Tapping is a way to work with this energy, rather than against it.

Poppy Delbridge – Tapping In

How did you discover the power of tapping?

My parents. They raised me to have unwavering self-belief, a positive growth mindset, spirituality, nutritional know-how, and many of the techniques I explain in the book.

Then when I went through a painful personal time in my life and became a single mother, I returned to the power of it.

I trained as an EFT Practitioner and studied anything related to energy medicine and the power of the mind. It was a miraculous thing to me, and of course, to so many others.

What’s the difference between more traditional tapping, that our readers might know of, such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and your Rapid Tapping® method?

I love both! I have developed it as Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, did after working with TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

I didn’t set out to create Rapid Tapping® but as a creative strategist and coach, I was using it differently. Rather than using it as a practitioner-led ‘search and destroy’ method to relieve trauma and pain or things like phobias.

I was using it multiple times a day and using different language to positively achieve a happier overall mindset and to activate levels of joy within my clients. It sort of caught on. And before I knew it, it had birthed itself!

Tapping works with the subconscious mind. Can you tell us a bit more about the layers of the subconscious and how they can hold us back?

In my book, I go into this in detail. You are not just your flesh and blood. Neither can you control your thoughts.

There is another way to look at how you feel and how much potential you have, and this is by looking at the four layers of consciousness. There is your conscious you, the subconscious you, the unconscious you and the superconscious you.

My work deals with opening us up into the ‘field’ of energy around us at the same time as resetting the very deep-seated beliefs we carry around with us from when we were young.

Of all our thoughts only 5% are ones we consciously know we are thinking. That’s pretty bad odds if we don’t know how to quickly access and re-pattern our subconscious mind.

What sorts of issues do you work through with your clients? What are the results they see?

Everything – because we are humans, each with different experiences of the world through our own senses. I have worked with everything from abuse to phobias to repeating self-defeating patterns of imposter syndrome and not feeling enough.

I am non-shockable and non-judgemental because we all go through trauma – me included – and we are not taught how to move on.

The results can be immediate and involve a physical release of energy from the body. I’ve had people whose life-long pain has vanished, unexplainable phobias gone, and low self-esteem converted to total confidence. It really does depend on why we are brought together.

The results are first internal. Then the outward reality will change, often quite drastically, so things like promotions out of nowhere, investment rounds, new relationships and 10x finances are pretty normal in my working day!

Can you tell us about a fear or an obstacle you’ve overcome through tapping?

I used to be terribly phobic of dogs and my amazing mentor helped me overcome this. I have had my dog for years now.

I was also scared to write my book for a while, but now I have a bestseller. Tapping helps you achieve things or ways of being that you think you can’t.

The more you tap the more you can hear that peaceful, exciting inner voice that says, “go on you can do it!” and the nerves, the inner gremlins, start to fade.

Tapping In Book by Poppy Delbridge

Poppy’s new book Tapping In is out now, published by Piatkus. Purchase your copy HERE

Find out more about Poppy’s work at her Website and follow her on Instagram


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