If you are a tree hugger, avid gardener or barefoot walker then you are already in tune with the element of Earth. Earth represents our sense of stability, practicality, safety, and loyalty and is one of the most powerful of the four elements for a woman to use throughout her life, says TJ Gristwood.

Earth is more than just grounding. It is beginnings and endings. Where we start and where we finish.

Our planet is the very root of our existence. Viewed from space this floating blue and white living and breathing sphere is majestic in its beauty. And women are more than just a reflection of Gaia, the creator of us all, they are the anchor that nurtures life as it revolves.

What is Earth? She is the comforting element that holds us and allows us to be still. The dark coolness of the ground embraces us with comforting arms so that we may feel grounded and safe. Earth is the energy that encourages us to be tranquil and mindful, to use our wisdom to navigate smoothly through the challenges we may face throughout our journey.

Women are multi-layered beings, the depth of each layer unique and well equipped to shift quickly from one task to another. They participate in various conversations in their heads, resolving issues like Sherlock Holmes sifting through the clues of a crime. Alert, astute and ready for action. But this ability comes hand in hand with the ‘out of body’ experience women feel when life’s load becomes heavy.

‘Get out of your head’ is the obvious solution if you are swimming in a pool of worry and anxiety.

‘Connect with your body’ is the practical technique to achieve this goal.

Earth is a physical connection. The bones that sit within our flesh give us movement and structure; our sense of touch binds us to the energy of this powerful element and is key to remaining grounded.

Most women have found themselves standing on the lawn at some point looking to the heavens for guidance. But the answers we seek are found in the soil beneath our feet, held within the vibration of rock, crystals and magma – like the wings of a hummingbird buzzing underfoot.

With the tickle of grass between our toes and the softness of rich earth beneath our feet, we can find a sense of peace, a ‘knowing’ that even though we are often alone, we are always held with love by our Mother, Gaia.

As you visualise your own roots delving deep within the ground you will find a sense of calm, peace and understanding. The physical body needs the energy of Earth to remain healthy as we are one of the same. The electrons that our planet emits feed our physical and spiritual body with enough juice to balance us and enhance healing. When we spend time in nature or walk barefoot, we are connecting with the perfect frequency for our body to recalibrate. Sleep is improved and pain is reduced.

The Root Chakra situated at the base of the spine is represented as the colour red and, when balanced, will give you energy and vitality. It anchors us to reality and helps us feel calm, rooted, safe and confident.

Without strong roots, a tree cannot grow taller. And without paying attention to our roots we find ourselves floating without purpose or ‘lost in space,’ confused and disconnected.

If our foundations are not fixed, they will crumble over time. This is the depth of our connection to the element of earth and essential for the health of our adrenal ‘fight flight’ response, reproductive organs and the very structure of our being.

It is no surprise that city dwellers find themselves craving the countryside and no mystery that those living on the land are happier, healthier and in tune with nature.

Our ancestors understood the need to flow with nature, to remain aware of what our bodies required to function, navigate their surroundings and tune into the energy around them for wisdom, sustenance and safety. They watched how nature grew when it was tended with care and love. They respected and honoured the seasons and worked with the land to prosper. We must do the same.

As we have shifted, grown and evolved in consciousness, our ability to remain in touch with our physical and spiritual bodies has also changed. Modern lifestyle, technology and bombardment from outside negative influences have slapped us like a cricket bat and created a sense of amnesia when it comes to the basic primaeval instincts we once had for survival.

If we are to lift the vibration and create a sense of safety, stability and happiness we must dig deep, and fill our hearts with love, compassion, and joy. We must live with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

All creation begins as a seed. And as that seed grows it spreads its roots. These expand, reach out and form a network strong enough to withstand the harshest of storms.

They connect us to the beauty of life.

So when you feel discombobulated, ‘punch drunk,’ dissected, disconnected, or disorientated get your hands and feet in the dirt. Roll around in it if you must. There is much to be gained from a good mud bath and animals have no issue with slipping into the cool, rich properties of our planet’s magical minerals from time to time.

If you find the idea of getting dirt under your fingernails or mud on your feet distasteful, fear not! Visualise your roots delving deep into the ground. Take the time to sit or lie in a field of green created purely by imagination. The intent is just as powerful.

See yourself as a strong Oak, dainty Willow, or magical Silver Birch. And if you are really invested in staying grounded why not add a dash of deep red to the picture in your mind or hold a Red Jasper, Bloodstone or Garnet crystal in your hand.

No one needs to know you have morphed into a tree while you stand at the checkout in the supermarket. Keep it a secret that you have a crystal tucked into your bra when you cheer the children on at football practice. Smile with confidence as you walk barefoot to put the bin out. Let your fingers linger on the rough bark of the tree that you pass as you walk the dog.

You are taking care of your roots and that’s all that matters.

‘Earth my body, air my breath, fire my spirit, water my blood’

                                                                                    Witches Chant

With Love, Light and Blessings

T J Gristwood

T J Gristwood


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