Pasta: it’s one of the world’s most popular ingredients – and for good reason. But creating perfect pasta is an art form.

Garofalo has been making pasta in Gragnano, a small town near Naples in Italy, since 1789. Needless to say, we have a huge amount of history, experience and passion for pasta!

Today we combine artisan knowledge with modern technology to make what we consider the best possible pasta.

Our customers also recognise the premium quality of Garofalo and make it their pasta of choice due to the quality, range of products and diversity of shapes, from the most traditional to more creative ones. In Italy Garofalo make traditional durum wheat pasta, wholewheat pasta, organic pasta and gluten-free varieties. Garofalo has it all covered in all sorts of shapes and whatever your diet choices.

A unique pasta comes from precise choices, from selecting the right ingredients to respecting each ingredient during the stages of production. For anyone interested in how we source and make our range, our website section, How is Our Pasta Made will show you that not all pasta is created equally.

Learn how Garofalo bronze drawn pasta allows the sauce to absorb and stick to the surface of the pasta, and why the gluten level in wheat pasta is important for an al dente cooked texture.


For Italians living without pasta is not an option and in 2013 Garofalo set themselves the object of creating a gluten free pasta, with the knowledge that Garofalo pasta is synonymous with the experience of taste. The recipe was carefully developed using corn, brown rice and quinoa, a combination we believe is a taste opportunity for everyone, not just those on a gluten free diet.

We love reading the reviews for Garofalo pasta, such as this one about our gluten free penne on the Ocado website –
“Perfect gluten free pasta! Excellent pasta for those on a gluten free diet. My family could not tell that it was gluten free and were very impressed with the taste and texture”

Garofalo sauces are the perfect pairing to our pasta, prepared with the finest ingredients and careful attention to the quality that distinguishes Garofalo. Create excellent dishes with minimal effort!

Cooking Pasta the Italian way: The golden rule for cooking pasta is 1, 10, 100: 1 litre of water and 10 grams of salt for every 100g of pasta. Bring the water to a fast boil, add the salt, then the pasta and cook for the time on the pack. Remember, excellent Italian pasta is always served al dente.

Good pasta cooked correctly speaks for itself and one much loved recipe in Italy is Spaghetti Aio e Oio. Simply combine pasta with garlic, olive oil and chilli. Using good quality pasta to create this simple yet delicious dish is both a crowd-pleaser – and a life-saver when the fridge is empty!

Discover the goodness of pasta Garofalo Browse our selection of recipes and find inspiration in the kitchen and put your pots and pans to good use with the quality of pasta Garofalo.

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Life is a Combination of
Magic and Pasta! – Federico Fellini


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