Hello and welcome to FRANK magazine. After five years, we have opened up our readership to all – so we can discuss the topics that matter.

The environment, society, neurodivergence, politics, creativity, spirituality and activism, especially around natural medicines, hope and recovery.

We don’t do sensational, we do truth. We don’t make assumptions, we share ideas. We are open, and we are honest.

We want to discuss what it means to be human in a world of coercion that drives people to ill health.

We believe in equality and quality of life.

This magazine is about community, returning to the grassroots and relearning how to care for ourselves.

Communication is everything; speaking our truth and learning to demonstrate boundaries is crucial.

We can change our lives from within, which costs nothing but is extremely valuable. We promote and advocate anything that does that. It will make for some interesting alternative reading.

Let us know if you have subjects you would like us to cover or, indeed, if you would like to contribute. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,


Melanie Sykes


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