Welcome to FRANK magazine.

The magazine for open-minded women of all ages across the world.

Frank covers health, healing, the environment, business, travel, supporting others and being our best possible selves – all in an honest, open and heartfelt way.

It’s been a three-year labour of love for me and one that will continue to evolve as I learn more about myself and our ever-changing world.

I am on a vast new journey in my life, not least with the revelation that I am Autistic and ADHD. Unearthing my true self, shedding all masks and re-emerging from my suppression is miraculous, painful, and a great relief. Moreover, this revelation has directly triggered the release of my creativity, which I will pour into Frank and all the areas of my life.

These new discoveries are reflected in this magazine. We explore the human mind and emotions and the myriad paths we can take to heal and accept ourselves, which take us beyond the narrow, prescribed medical avenues.

In the coming months, Frank will take another leap in its evolution. We will start covering politics and introduce rolling news stories that focus on environmental and social issues. We will become louder and prouder in our activism.

We will have fun competitions and giveaways to set you on your eco-friendly path – and help you stay on it – as we explore the ever-growing world of sustainable products and ideas.

All these adjustments take time. They take honing, they take nurturing and a massive dollop of love.

I’d love you to jump on board with me and see where this magazine will take us and what it will grow into. We want to build a community and showcase emerging talent, so we are actively seeking contributors.

If you are a writer or know of any writers and creative souls who have thought-provoking words and new ideas to share, please get in touch via the Contact page.

I hope you continue to enjoy the ride with us and tell your friends.

Much love,


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