Everything in the Universe is made up of the Elements:

Water, Earth, Air, and Fire.

The ancients knew the importance of the Sacred Elements and honoured them.

To heal our body, we must bring balance to all the elements we are created of.

Our physical body and all physical matter are created on Earth.
Our Body consists of approximately 70% Water.
Our lungs are filled with Air.
Our Life Force Energy, passions and desires are Fire.

All living creatures, animals, plants, and rocks are made up of these Elements and, of course, we are too.

It is important for our health and wellbeing to keep these Four Elements in balance and to be in the right relationship with them.

We can heal our body, mind, and spirit by uncovering which element is our dominant and which one we are called to bring into balance

The resonance of the elements with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves can be reflected in our personal wellbeing and the way we are in relationship with others.

The Earth-Our Body-Foundation-Grounding
Connection-Security-Root Chakra

What the Earth shows us is her formidable ability to adapt, change and transform.
The magnificence of life and the vegetation which she nourishes.
Her beauty and diverse landscapes.
We receive from the Earth all we need to thrive and more.

Let us listen and open ourselves up to her language and create harmony and balance within our daily lives. When we work with the Earth we are invited to explore our foundation.

From the soles of our feet and below, through the soil and to the centre of the earth, grounding our energy and making connections to the Earth.

Embodied practises are a fantastic way to connect with the Energy of the Earth (our physical manifestation)

Air-Our Mind-Inspiration-Dreams
Breath of Life-Heart Chakra

What the Air shows us is the clarity of our mind; our intentions and judgements through
our expression.

Air invites us to inspect and hold curiosity around any limiting beliefs we engage in, which come to expression through our thoughts, our self-talk, and how we perceive, project or judge others.

It is also in the loving intention and compassion we hold for others.

The magnificence of Air is the ability of fast movement and flow to clear out, cleanse and re-energise.

Water-Our Emotions-Womb-Flow in motion
Purification-Sacral Chakra-Renewal

Water shows us our emotional balance and harmony within ourselves.

Water invites us to connect to the deep rivers that flow through us and to the emotional ebb and flow that constantly moves our response to the world and ourselves

We are asked to learn to transform the energy behind our emotions,
hold curiosity around any deep-seated emotions we engage in that show up through our outward expression.

The magnificence of Water is the ability to shapeshift, cleanse, re-energise and purify
The ability for renewal to take place, to dissolve and release old stories.

The Fire-Our Spirit-Passion-Transformation
Community-Power-Life Force-Solar Plexus

The Fire shows us the formidable ability for transformation.
The magnificence of our life force, our Spirit and the cosmic light (the Sun) that feeds all life forms.
Fire teaches us how we can tend to our Spirit.

Let us listen and open ourselves up to the wisdom of Fire.

Fire has this magnificent power to protect us, keep us warm but can also burn us if we do not take care of our boundaries and those of others.

The intention of this course is:

• To support your journey towards bringing yourself back into balance and harmony.
• To aid and invite you to go within, to gain insights through self-revelation
• To release what is weighing on you.
• To help you to see which steps you can take to support your overall well-being.
• To have fun and try new things
• To deepen your relationship with Nature’s wisdom
• To share how you can be in Ceremony on your own or with a group

If you wish to learn more please visit www.threadsofhealing.co.uk
We are diving into this wonderful course in October.
I look forward to sharing space with you then.
Many Blessings

There is so much wisdom to gather from working with the Elements
Through self-enquiry and by means of guided journeys that will be part of this four week course and so much more!!

For me personally, working with the Elements has given me a way to move through the seasons with more flow, to understand my inner landscape on another level and create more balance through deepening my relationship with these teachers.
The gifts of clarity, connection and tools to release through ceremony, however small or elaborate, have been beautiful and empowering in my own learning.
For that I am forever grateful to my teachers.
Sjoukje Gummels

Sjoukje Gummels is a model, a Shamanic Practitioner, and a mother of two. She leads guided meditations, Full Moon Circles, and one-on-one healing sessions. Sjoukje Gummels encourages people to use their imagination and senses to actively explore their inner landscape for guidance and healing. Join her in deepening your connection to Nature, developing your intuition, and remembering the gifts and strengths that run through you.

Please visit www.threadsofhealing.co.uk for more information on meditations and new courses.

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Sjoukje Gummels

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