The Spirit of a woman is a powerful thing. Mysterious and intriguing, this energy resides deep within us and connects us to the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Spirit is the fifth and perhaps most sacred of all the elemental energies that empower, guide, protect and serve us throughout our lives. Writer T J Gristwood distils the meaning of this unseen element.

Spirit is the spark of light that ignites when we are born and forms the patterns of who we are and what we become. Spirit defines our character and our emotions and is the non-physical essence of our soul.

She is the warm heart, the strong back and the wild adventure within us.

Some may see this mystical essence as nothing more than a comforting sense of faith, or the puff of smoke from a magical lantern.

But this strange and revered energy can become something far more tangible than just a higher power that can turn sickness into health, failure into success or blast away the blue days blown in by an ill wind.

Spirit combines, encompasses and expands our faith, love, balance and being. It is unique to us, the very essence of who we are, much like our DNA or fingerprint.

How we perceive Spirit is up to us. Some of us are naturally drawn to embracing spirit as part of our culture or faith and something to be nurtured and respected. Others find the topic of investigating an unknown entity overwhelming and deny it even exists.

Whether you are a believer in this unseen element or not, there is one thing we can all work with to connect, empower, and enhance the energy of spirit. Vibration.

Vibration is the positive and negative current that runs wild and free like an electrical pulse throughout our bodies, our planet and all that reside upon it.

‘Keep your spirits up,’ people say when you are feeling down. ‘Tune into your spiritual side,’ they encourage when you are floating adrift.

Even the most positive of souls can find this tricky at times. There may be days when conjuring an ounce of enthusiasm to get out of bed seems impossible, let alone tuning into your seventh chakra whilst focusing on a candle.

But if we focus on raising our vibration one tiny step at a time the magical lantern will appear and grant you more than just three wishes.

Women change vibration frequently as they are emotional creatures. When they are joyful, content, sad, or frustrated their partner, child, friend, family or even pet will react to the vibration of this emotion accordingly.

Even if you cannot see it, you can feel it and sense it.

Our awareness has grown at an incredible rate in the last few years. We are much more sensitive to our environment and each other. We are tuning into vibration in the same way the animal kingdom has evolved to survive.

We have learnt how to react to positive and negative vibrations without even thinking. Our unique Spirit energy guides us when and how.

But like disease, low vibration and heavy energy tend to spread like wildfire in the right environment. Bacteria and viruses are clever; they find a weak host, grab hold of the victim and get busy reproducing like rabbits in Spring.

Negative vibration does the same. It damages the spirit and crushes our soul. Sneaky, and often undetected until it is too late, low energy can infiltrate our physical and emotional bodies like a microscopic parasite floating in dirty water.

Our Spirit energy helps protect and guide us into only drinking at the safest watering holes. Your beautiful loving Spirit energy uses intuition as the tool to do this.

If something feels uncomfortable, our instinct guides us to move away from it. If a room full of people fills you with anxiety when the chit-chat becomes heavy, you will instinctively lean towards a more positive subject matter. This is not denial or deflection; it is survival. With Spirit on our side, we don’t have to hide.

There is nothing to fear or feel frustrated with. Your unique Spirit energy will help you find your flow, the job you covet, the partner you desire, and the creative outlets that make you shine. It can be as simple or as complicated as you wish to make it.

But awareness is vital.

Tune into your Spirit energy by listening, feeling and absorbing what your unique spark of light is telling you. Repair the cracks when they appear with kindness and love. This vibration heals not only yourself but everything around you. Imagine you are a magnet and you want to attract wonderful things into your life. Like attracts like and this is the magic of Spirit.

Without an umbrella, we will become waterlogged standing in the rain and our soul will become soggy if exposed to low-level vibrations for too long.

Be aware of how quickly negative energy can take hold of your thoughts, words and actions and replace them with higher vibrations created by music, creativity, and connection with people that understand the importance of shining brightly.

There is nothing wrong with being selective in life. Spend time with people that compliment rather than complicate your life, situations that dazzle rather than dull bringing warmth and joy to your day.

Your Spirit wants you to shine. She is your greatest cheerleader and will be waving her pom poms from the sidelines encouraging you to put your best foot forward so that every day you experience something fulfilling, inspiring and rewarding.

We are here to experience all that a woman can, not only for ourselves but for each other.

Spirit knows that life is an illusion. We create the illusion from beliefs and actions. We have the power to change the illusion at any point and the women that seem to have it all understand this. They connect fully to their Spirit energy. 

They work with this pure undiluted loving energy and listen carefully to what she has to say. They have discovered that by filtering abrasive white noise into the background they can change the vibration and create a butterfly effect of positivity.

Be aware that many minds focused on one subject can create incredible or devastating results.

A woman’s Spirit is loving, kind, nurturing, and supportive. Together we are mighty if our focus is pure. Even a simple smile can shift vibration. Turn that grimace into a grin! It gets easier when you focus on the beauty of simple things rather than the misery of a complicated world.

And let’s not forget the physical body that houses and protects this spirit energy. In Chinese medicine and eastern culture ‘Jing’ is stored primarily in the kidney/adrenal tissues.

Excess use of adrenals causes our Jing to leak, leading to poor health and a domino effect of dis-ease within the other main supporting organs, the liver, lungs, heart, and spleen.

As young women, we have an abundance of Jing energy, but this depletes over time if we abuse the magic of our physical body that works hard to keep us in balance. But as the liver can repair so can our Spirit/Jing energy if we practice the fine art of ‘everything in moderation’ in both a physical and emotional sense.

Spirit is the Goddess within us. She resides on her throne shining brightly with a serene smile. Sometimes she likes to party and throw caution to the wind. On occasion, she will lounge with a good book sipping a latte. Often she will throw her hands in the air with exasperation. 

But she will never demand more than you are capable of and ask only that you show her kindness and love.

She is the balance, the Earth, the Air, the Fire and the Water. She is the void that resides between them.

Spirit is the gentle voice of wisdom, the buzz of instinct and the woman who can still smile and speak words of encouragement, throw her head back with laughter and radiate joy regardless of how many ill winds blow or rough seas buffet.

Like the sun, she will rise each day determined to cast her light on the world. We are Spirit, united together, always connected, never silent. The hum of vibration is as strong as a hummingbird’s wing that works as one heart with one goal.

To love and be loved.

With Love, Light and Fairy Blessings

Tara xx

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