We spoke to Dragon’s Den winners Heinin Zhang and Siddhi Mittal, founders of the affordable private chef service, YHANGRY, about their passion for bringing people together to share food and frank conversations.


What is the ethos of the business?

Our mission is to bring people closer by making entertaining at home easier and affordable. Ultimately our vision is to create deeper offline human connections, in a world that is becoming more digital and anonymous

We love your vibe. Tell us how the business was born?

We were both working in finance and too busy (and lazy) to invite our friends over because of the hassle of hosting and we ended up going to restaurants all the time.

We missed getting our friends together and spending more open-ended and serendipitous quality time, rather than just the two-hour time slot you get in a restaurant.

What type of people enjoy your service?

Everyone who likes good food and company – but especially people who like to host! The one friend that gets everyone together, without whom nothing would get organised and people wouldn’t see each other.

Our customers range from young professionals who prefer spending time with friends in the comfort of their own home, to parents with young children for whom it’s difficult to go out to socialise – anyone who doesn’t have the time or energy to cook for guests.

How many chefs have you on the team and do they all specialise in different cuisines?

We have more than 150 professional chefs in London who specialise in a few different cuisines that we offer, for example, Japanese or Lebanese.

How easy is it to use the service?

It’s as easy as ordering Deliveroo: you choose a set menu or create your own menu à la carte from the dishes we offer.

You pay what you see – prices are all very transparent, allowing everyone to create menus according to their preference as well as budget, with menus starting from £17 per person.

Do you have to have a big flash kitchen to book?

No – you don’t need a large fancy kitchen or a fancy home! We share a kitchen checklist of the required utensils based on what you order. Other than that, any normal home kitchen is good enough.

What are your most popular menus?

Last year Mexican and Middle Eastern were our most popular cuisines. So far this year Italian and Pan Asian are the favourites. We don’t have any most popular menus because our customers create their own. We have a few very popular dishes though, such as Miso Pappardelle with Pak Choi and Shiitake Mushrooms or Cauliflower Tacos with Romesco Sauce.

Why should we give you a whirl?

If you are someone who loves bringing people together, it’s a no-brainer. Instead of running back and forth to the kitchen, you can relax and actually enjoy your guests’ company.

If you are someone who enjoys going to dinner parties, you can recommend us to the host – they might even organise more parties given how easy we make it!


YHANGRY currently operates in Greater London. Find out more here and follow them on Instagram here.


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