As we are entering a new season we notice the changes in nature and possibly changes within ourselves. Shamanic Healer Sjoukje Gummels shares how we can use this time to rest, let go, and celebrate what we have created in our lives.

Autumn announces shorter days and less daylight, cosy evenings, big jumpers and hot chocolate. Some love this time of year and others can find it hard to find their groove. I certainly struggled with the darker months for many years. Not until I moved out of London to Folkestone did my relationship with the seasons change.

When Autumn knocked on the door and the seaside town started to wind down I found it uncomfortable. There were fewer distractions here to keep me from me. It was me, myself and I….and mother nature.

Though at times challenging, I now treasure the many gifts and lessons I was given back then.

I feel more connected and there is a new level of acceptance of my inner Autumn garden and my process. I’ve learned to make space for that season within me and to celebrate it outwards.

I now love taking time out for myself without feeling guilty about it. It’s also a time where I love to go deeper in my Spiritual practice and dream and create for the next year coming. I now love stillness whereas in the past that frightened me.

I move with the change rather than still going full speed when that is not being reflected back at me. Nature teaches us when to take the time to observe and connect. It can really assist you in moving through the seasons with ease and grace.

Look at a tree and the natural changes it undergoes throughout the year from birth to death to rebirth, allowing what no longer serves to fall away and to make space for the new in Spring.

Merely observing the changes can shift your perspective.

So how can we work with the Autumn season?

First of all, there is so much to celebrate by the time we reach Autumn. The days become shorter and cooler which invites us to go within.

  • Make this time an opportunity to take stock and reflect on your year so far.
  • Tie up loose ends in regards to projects or anything that has been overdue or outstanding. Maybe there are personal matters that need resolution, healing, or being brought into harmony.
  • Have an autumn cleanse or clearing session of your home/stuff and yourself.
  • Celebrate your achievements no matter how big or small! This is your harvest so really honour what you have done. Often our focus goes to what we have not completed or gathered, which completely disregards the journey.
  • Sit in gratitude and hold space for yourself. Share some of your riches that can be shared wisdoms or food with your community or beloveds.
  • Go to a local orchard and pick seasonal fruits such as apples and pears as mother nature has so much to offer and not to forget the wonderful berries like hawthorn and sloes are growing in abundance right now.
  • Start dreaming of what you wish to see for yourself for the year to come. Feel into this space.
  • Go for long nature walks in the woods, by the sea, or to your local park. Observe how nature is changing in colours and form.

But most of all get out there and see how it makes you feel. Engage and breathe in this time of year.

As the darker days are upon us the more shadowy side of our relationship with ourselves and others may come up. Reflecting is called for. For some, this can bring anxiety, conflict, and unease. This can stem from our fear of darkness as we associate this with the unknown.

It takes courage to work with our shadow side as it might push you out of your comfort zone. But accepting and working within this incredible fertile space bears many gifts.

The shadow merely comes up as an opportunity to find balance. It reflects parts of ourselves that we have denied or have not been able to give space to. It is in darkness that life is created and takes form, like the seed in the Earth and a baby in the womb.

So as a support in this time you might want to explore

  • Meditation, breathwork, journaling, drawing, yoga, or any practice that engages you creatively with what comes up whilst being deeply nourishing.
  • Sit around the fire on your own or with your friends and create a release ceremony and delve into that magical space within you that holds so much knowledge.

Be gentle, however. We are only winding down at this point. This truly is an opportunity to reconnect to the flow of nature and the seasons within us so that we too can find ourselves riding the waves of change more effortlessly.

So gently let go, wind down and celebrate your harvest.

Happy Autumn!

Many Blessings


Sjoukje Gummels is a model, a Shamanic Practitioner and a mother of two. She leads guided meditations, Full Moon Circles, and one-on-one healing sessions. Sjoukje encourages people to use their imagination and senses to actively explore their inner landscape for guidance and healing. Join her in deepening your connection to Nature, developing your intuition, and remembering the gifts and strengths that run through you.

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