Most of us can relate to this feeling at some point or another in our lives. The sensation of being adrift without a paddle. But help is at hand! Using our innate wisdom, viewing things from another perspective, and asking for help when needed can all ease the sensation of being lost and afraid. TJ Gristwood on allowing our discord to dissipate like mist across the sea.

Have you ever found yourself standing in the kitchen in the middle of the night thinking, ‘what’s going on? how the hell did I get here’?

Did you sleepwalk? Did you wake up suddenly and feel like you needed to check the back door is still locked? Or are you just experiencing the effects of feeling fazed and frazzled at two in the morning?

Whether you are finding yourself in the middle of the kitchen at some ungodly hour or not, it seems this state of confusion is spreading across the nation right now in some shape or form. There has been so much change in our lives recently; it is no wonder we feel somewhat discombobulated at some point or another. But if we investigate this phenomenon a little more closely, it can be dissected, examined, and explained as much more than just a side effect of stress, hormones, or an overload to the five senses.

This hazy out of body confusion tends to happen when the physical, emotional, and spiritual body are at odds. The messages constantly flowing between them have been blocked; the traffic lights are no longer in perfect sequence but fighting against each other in a frantic plea of ‘someone please take control!’

As women, we can experience this sensation of being bothered and bewildered daily, but the main seismic shifts are usually during growth spurts on our spiritual journey.

Remember being a teenager? Discovering overnight that the body you thought you knew has morphed into an alien creature with all kinds of weird new appendages, thoughts and feelings? This is our first major spiritual growth spurt.

The second happens as we mature into adulthood. You bloom like a flower, diving headfirst into another haze of unexplainable thoughts and feelings as you advance in your career, form relationships, or become a mother to your children.

And finally, the last spiritual shift begins as we enter the latter part of our years, in a blur of juggling and performing like an acrobat in Cirque de Soleil, whilst desperately jamming on the breaks to slow down and rest.

And some of us experience more of these growth spurts depending on what our soul wanted to accomplish in this human realm. Spiritual growth can be a real pain in the backside. But always remember when you shake your fist at the universe shouting ‘why me?’ that you asked for this experience and chose the challenges to help you grow and learn on a soul level.

Being dazed and confused is just part of the universal mystery.

As women, we have a multi-faceted energy spectrum. We are incredibly good at pushing through the tough times, remaining focused, determined, and strong when life throws us another challenge. We have a link to our ‘higher self’, intuition, gut feeling, whatever you wish to call it, that acts like an internal compass. Guiding us to the right destination even if we get a little lost on the way.

But there are times when the bafflement can spiral out of control. Some of us lose sight of what we are doing and why. This happens when our physical, emotional, and spiritual body are having a wobble. They are all shouting at us for different reasons.

‘Me first! Yes me! Why aren’t you listening!’ says the physical body that is suffering from a long list of aches, pains, grumblings and misfiring internal gaskets.

‘Don’t listen to that voice. It will go away, I’m struggling here, and no one understands me, but, hey, let’s pull up our big girl pants and get on with it. No one wants to listen to our problems anyway,’ whimpers the emotional body.

‘Go with the flow. Trust. Listen to your wisdom,’ soothes the spiritual body.

No wonder we can feel disoriented.

The real question is, which voice should we listen to? How do we get them to form an orderly queue and work together as a team rather than bickering in your head at two in the morning?

Meditation? Breathing exercises? Long walks in nature?

Only you can truly decide the best way of negotiating a truce between the three elements of your psyche. We are all different, and what works for one person might not for the other, but a good way to start is to address the one that is shouting the loudest. They are all linked and are all able to communicate and recalibrate efficiently when the part of us that is struggling the most finds the help it needs.

Pain is a clear indication something is wrong with the physical body; this usually manifests when the other warning indicators have been ignored. Emotional imbalance manifests into physical and physical into emotional. They are like a see-saw constantly balancing each other. The spiritual, energetic part of our aura acts as the counterbalance. It helps to guide us and creates the pin that holds the two together.

If we become the ‘detective’ of our own story, willing to delve a little deeper into the unsolved mystery and see beyond the first set of clues, it won’t be long before the truth is revealed. The reason why we are in pain or out of sorts will become obvious.

And yes, sadly, it is then down to us to make the effort to put it right.

Remember, you are not alone with this burden! You can ask for help if necessary!

What you cannot see clearly another may be able to see with ease. The blindfold can be removed if we dig a little deeper, take the time to reflect and then with the aid of another, who can perhaps analyse with a fresh pair of eyes, find a solution.

Divine timing of what we need to do, and how we can do this are essential. Patience, my friends! Patience with ourselves and with this life that flows around us in a constant stream of events can be key to finding the peace and contentment we seek.

Only then will the bedazzlement be replaced by clarity and calm, a good night’s sleep and a smug smile from accepting that all is well after all.




With Love and Fairy Blessings,

T J Gristwood x


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