Love is all we need and yes, love is often all we crave. From the moment we are born to the moment we leave this beautiful world we are searching and seeking that all-consuming feeling of love.

T J Gristwood has personally seen some incredible love stories unfold in her lifetime and has been blessed to experience love in so many ways. So, she will dive into the many aspects of love for a moment.

As women we give so much love, we are constantly nurturing others showing them how much we care and want them to feel loved. The irony in this is often our inability to love ourselves first.

This intense life-changing emotion, feeling, act and vibration changes our lives and the lives of others. Kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, compassion and empathy are just a few of the acts that express love. Yes, I am repeating this word many times for a good reason. Once this word is embedded in our soul essence it vibrates with light and brings us a sense of peace and wholeness.

Love. Love. Be Loved.

In this last year, I have witnessed the love between women that met as total strangers but made an instant connection. They embraced each other in sisterhood and welcomed the trust and integrity that the love they showed each other brings. I have also been privileged to become a part of an incredible love story that I will share with you.

One of the women I connected with this year met a man and fell instantly, head over heels in love. The kind where you take a breath and sigh, ‘wow I didn’t see that coming’. They both fell hard and fast into this explosion of energy that rocked both their worlds, creating a snowball effect not only for themselves but for the people they were connected to. It has changed their worlds and in turn our world as what we experience emotionally ripples across the globe. This butterfly effect of pure unconditional light washed like a tidal wave across the land with the positive vibrations this world needs to heal its soul. Intense but beautiful in so many ways.

Love at first sight can happen.

It happens when two people recognise the beauty and light within each other and return the vibration without hesitation. It takes courage and strength to do this. Especially when met with resistance by others due to fear.

What happens when we are fearful? We resist and we question. We become small and miss the opportunity to dive headfirst into passion, connection, abundance, joy and peace.

Love brings us a sense of centredness. It holds us when we are in pain, it brings us a new perspective when life throws us another challenge.

We must love ourselves, each other, our work, our world.

If we wander off the path of loving every aspect of this incredible journey to discover love and connection, we lose the very reason we chose to be here in the first place.

As unique and beautiful souls, this earthly existence is sacred. It is a test of strength and a chance to learn and discover ‘humanness’. Where else can you experience such intense emotion from one end of the scale to the other?!

When love evades you, or you find yourself in a career that does not fill you with a sense of joy and achievement, take a moment to find the love within you that burst forth with such enthusiasm it exploded like a firework in the eyes of your parents when you first arrived.

Dig deep within you. This love is still with you. It is still there burning brightly. Hold it. Cherish it.

It will always be with you, and if you are paying attention and giving off the right signals it will be reflected by others back to you.

Sometimes we must fight for love. But only fight when love flows like water, moving around any obstacles placed in its way with gentleness and kindness that empowers instead of disarms.

Try to remember that everything changes in this landscape of revolving emotions we call life. When we are given the chance to experience love. Grab the chance and attach. When the love is no longer flowing. Disconnect and detach.

But always carry out these actions with… yes, you’ve got the hang of it now. Love. Love. Love!

With Love, Light and Fairy Blessings

T J Gristwood xx


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