I am writing this for you if you have ever measured your worth by the service you provide to others, if you have ever found your value solely in relation to the value you perceive you add to another person.

Perhaps you have a relentless and ‘helpful’ voice that consistently reminds you of what you haven’t managed to achieve today rather than noticing all that you are?

Maybe you are aware that a long time ago you abandoned yourself to seek your validation in everything that you could give to the world and those around you, hoping that one day you would feel enough?

Personal Transformation with Sarah Ilaria Northe

There are millions of beautiful beings walking this earth under the illusion that they must sacrifice their relationship with themselves and caring for their own needs in order to meet the needs of those they love and care about. This is a very cunning illusion as it appears to feed an internal need, a desire to love and be loved, and yet so often can achieve the opposite.

It is your relationship with yourself that you experience mirrored back to you by all the relationships in your life. Do you feel unheard, unappreciated, taken for granted, overworked, disrespected or even mistreated by those around you? Whatever you experience you have created.

A lack of consideration from others needs to owned by you as a lack of consideration for yourself. How are you treating and valuing you?

It is likely that you made a decision about how to treat yourself when you were very young. You had an experience or repeated experiences that led you to conclude that being yourself was not enough or perhaps even completely unacceptable. The situation, or situations, you found yourself in led you to fragment, to disregard parts of yourself that at worst seemed completely unacceptable to others or at best were not encouraged and did not secure love and acceptance.

The good news is that you can learn to be in relationship with yourself in a whole new way and in turn, change your experience in relationship with others.

Intimacy; Into me see.

It is our most intimate relationships that reveal most strongly our fragmentation and childhood wounding. They hold up a mirror to us in a way that reveals much of what we have striven to keep hidden. Hidden from others and often from ourselves.

The shame of trauma is so often responsible for the idea that we are not truly loveable. Trauma is created within us in response to events that happen to us. You may perceive some of the events of your childhood, your history (his-story) as shameful. Perhaps you concluded that certain things were your fault and if you had been a better person they would not have happened.

You may also have chosen to minimise the ‘trauma’ you experienced because ‘worse things happen to other people’. This minimises you and your value, this is you dis-regarding you. Whatever story you carry forward from the past, you make true for you now and this is not necessary.

Having the courage to peer deeply into yourself and learn to love and accept what you find there, reclaiming the parts that are hidden and disowned, allows you to discover a whole new way of aligning with your true expression. Greeting the child within you with compassion and understanding is a profoundly healing process that leads to transforming your relationship with yourself, with your world and with those around you.

This process also enables healing of your physical and mental bodies as you become aware of the way in which the trauma is stored in your body’s cellular memory and neural pathways. It is possible to re-write history as the power of perception is combined with the awareness of quantum time. You may think it is not possible to change the past and that the past will dictate the future – but this is not the truth unless your thinking makes it so.

Everything in your current reality is enabled by your perception and in particular by your perception of yourself and therefore your behaviours. How do you view yourself, think about yourself, feel about yourself? What do you believe you deserve from life and from others?

Your constant interaction with the quantum field is a conversation in which you dictate how you experience life. The commitment to enter more deeply into relationship with yourself leads to a beautiful awakening of your power to create a present and future reality that you desire.

It is not unusual for my students and clients to find a way to fall back in love with themselves, to learn how to nurture and nourish all aspects of themselves in ways that they had previously been unable to do. This in turn enables them to receive love and nurturing from others.

If you recognise that you are not in a healthy and loving relationship with yourself, your body and your mind; that you have closed your heart, disconnected from your body or strayed from your soul’s path, I encourage you to make a decision today, to change this.

Find a practitioner, book a retreat, start a journal, take a deep breath…..whatever your first step is towards a more loving relationship with you……take it now.

You can find more information about being supported in the process of healing and transformation here. You can choose to study, retreat or work 1:1 to create a new reality and experience of life that includes wellness, wealth and love as part of your everyday.

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