You are the captain of your ship. You decide where you go, and who goes with you.

You are wandering the universe visiting new planets and searching for like-minded souls that you can connect with. A brand-new planet pops up on your galactic scanner and it looks very appealing.

‘Why the hell not!’ You shout with enthusiasm. ‘It looks like nothing I’ve experienced before and is astonishingly beautiful from this vantage point’.

It’s a big blue planet saturated with life forms that are pulsing like a beacon inviting you to ‘come hither’ and plunge headfirst into a pool of wild sensations.

And so you crash land with a bump, open your eyes and find yourself staring into the face of the first human you make contact with. Your mother. You are on Earth, and you are here for a good while so you might as well make yourself comfortable while your intergalactic spaceship is in the docking station.

Crazy? Delusional? Perhaps.

But some of us have an uncanny sixth sense of ‘knowing’ that they are a little different. They feel this strange intuitive itch from a very early age. You don’t quite fit in. You’re odd. Not like the other kids. You feel more at home wandering the woods or splashing in the sea or just daydreaming while gazing at a night sky filled with stars.

That’s because you came from a planet far far away.

Maybe a planet where you lived under the sea like a mermaid. Or a magical land where the fairies danced under the moonlight. Perhaps you were a warrior protecting the boundaries between galaxies and you miss the feel of a blade in your hand and the power of a flying unicorn as your transport.

But let’s put this into perspective and return to the metaphor of being ‘Captain of the Ship’. Whether you believe you are some mystical, alien creature or not, one thing is for sure, we are all created from energy. We have a unique essence that is vibrant, brilliant and shines so brightly we are quite literally a comet within our own cosmos.

Our human body is our vehicle in this reality. It is our spaceship and we need to make sure it functions properly to get us through this crazy journey called life.

As the captain we must steer our ship towards the next destination, navigating the ocean we find ourselves chartering, with wisdom, courage, and a sense of adventure. We must ensure everything is ‘ship shape’, working efficiently so that it will respond when we need it to take a pounding of bad weather or drift silently with a sense of ease when the storm passes.

Our ‘crew’ are the connections we make along the way. They are the soul tribe we attract to help us navigate unchartered territory and support us when the going gets tough. We teach each other how to traverse the different stages of our life and how to thrive, find joy and discover our purpose in this incredible world full of amazing experiences.

Who we accept as our crew is up to us, but the choices we make in relation to these connections are crucial for our survival on this planet. If they are not ‘pulling their weight’ or helping us to reach the next safe port by ‘causing disruption in the galley’ then maybe they are no longer right for our soul journey.

We must accept that some people will only sail with us for a short time on this expedition of soul development. Sometimes we must release them to take their own path.

Humans have great difficulty with detachment. We love attaching ourselves to things and to people. We find it extremely difficult to let go. It’s like hauling the anchor up and floating off to the next destination without knowing where we are going. It’s scary. It’s emotional. We tend to hold onto things because we fear the unknown.

When this happens try to remember that you are the Master and Commander. You are the captain of your ship. You decide where you go, and who goes with you. Detach with love when something no longer serves you. Release the fear of the unknown and trust that this experience is just one of many to come. You are energy. You are unique. There is nothing to fear.

Without fear, we have no restrictions. And without restriction, our journey can be as adventurous or as simple as we wish.

Remember who you are. Remember who you were. You are in control.

You were once inquisitive and excited at the prospect of this new life on this new planet. And remember that perhaps, once upon a time, you may have been racing across the universe chasing unicorns.


With Love Light and Fairy Blessings

T J Gristwood x


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