Since the very first human rubbed two sticks together, fire has become an essential element in our lives, representing passion, deep cleansing, transformation and new beginnings. TJ Gristwood invites us to follow the flames.

Fire is many things and for women, it is the seductive power that dances deep within our bellies and glows warmly within our hearts.

When fire energy burns brightly it gives us immense power but if the flames are extinguished we can feel cold, powerless and alone in the dark. With the ability to amplify or destroy, depending on how we use it, the element of fire needs careful management.

“Don’t play with fire!” We are told as toddlers.

“Respect your smouldering smithy!” is more appropriate as we begin to appreciate the force behind fire’s magnificent power.

Fire is passion and heat, adding fuel to the first spark of a new idea or sizzle to physical connection. This flickering flame can grow or waver throughout our journey in life.

As young women passions run high. We are willing to take on the world and the fire we are born with burns vibrantly, drawing those attracted by our warmth to our side in intimate connections and new ventures. We have all the energy we need physically, mentally, and emotionally, with the element of fire burning fiercely to aid us.

Over time this fire can dwindle, extinguished by hard work schedules, motherhood, and the many challenges our journey can bring. The balance can be disrupted and our passion for life, love and new adventures often dissipate into a slow burn.

As with all the elements, balance is key to remaining in control. Philosophers used alchemy as a way of balancing the four elements with the fifth, allowing us access to our spirit and higher selves for guidance. Fire must be respected and controlled to prevent bursts of anger and frustration. It must be encouraged and nurtured to give us the energy to move forward and remain sensual, passionate and connected to our feminine power.

With fire residing in our stomach and heart space, taking care of our digestive system and circulatory function is paramount. The stomach is our second brain and the blood pumping through our veins is our life force. Such is the power of the element of fire. It feeds our mind, body and soul, giving us the focus, power and desire to create a life that truly satisfies us.

If your fire is burning too brightly, you may be quick to ignite. Irritation, frustration and anger will bubble, burn and ultimately harm us. When the flames are dowsed by overuse of energy, disappointment or over-giving, we can become depressed, our libido disappearing like water down a plug hole and life feels dull, lacking lustre.

Creating fire energy can be as simple as eating more spicy foods, moving our bodies to get the blood pumping, or using aphrodisiac essential oils such as Patchouli, Sandalwood and Rose in a body massage. To calm a raging burn, use cooler foods in your diet, drink more water, slow down with yoga, tai chi and Pilates, or add a dash of Geranium, Peppermint or Petitgrain to your bath.

One of the greatest tools we can use to balance fire energy is meditation and visualisation. Burning a candle and focusing on the flame will not only calm you but ignite fire energy within your vibration. 

Instead of walking to your favourite bench during a meditation, take yourself to a campfire, sit by the flames and watch the salamanders fly. Dance and sway in your mind to the snap and crackle of wood as it swirls seductively before you. Use your imagination with abandon. There are no limits, judgement or restrictions within this safe space. Think like a Native American and conjure some magic around your fire. Tune into the Aboriginal Dreamtime and travel to the past, present and future using fire as your vessel.

Winter is not the only season reserved for a real fire. With a fire pit or chiminea, we can create the flames needed to cleanse or rejuvenate our fire energy at any time of the year. Watching flames swirl, waver, dance and flicker is mesmerising and a great alternative to losing hours in front of the television or on social media. There is much to learn from this hungry element as it takes what it needs to grow and finds the fuel to burn bright and strong.

Fire is playful. Fire is sensual. Fire is inspiration, power and strength.

If you have suffered from trauma or hold deep resentment or anger towards another person, fire can help you to cleanse and clear negativity stuck deep within your body and mind.

Write a letter to the person you wish to vent your emotions upon and then burn it.

Detach from repressed hurts by surrendering them with love onto paper. Watch them disappear within the flames and be cleansed, healed, and soothed as the cold ash left behind represents old negative patterns, trauma and thoughts that no longer hold power over you.

Like the phoenix rising from the flames, you too can be reborn with the aid of fire.

Stay connected with the lust of your youth and take care of your sexual needs to keep the fire element burning. Whether you have a partner in life or not, desire and sexual release are extremely important for a woman. Take a peek at some kundalini or tantric practices, get in touch with your body again and feel how wonderful it can be to experience the explosion of climax.

Be proud of the beauty of your feminine body, seek release when you need it, alone or whilst connected to another. Own the gift of erotic exploration. Women need to keep this essential part of their physical and emotional body balanced. Honour and respect your sensuality. It will feed you with the power to enjoy life to the fullest and keep you sated and calm when the journey gets tough.

Fire is not shy. She does not cower or submit. Fire is the first to enter a room and throw some shapes on the dance floor. She will dress to impress and smile with a coy tilt of her lips at the suitor watching her from across the room.

Fire takes what she wants and makes it her own. Feisty and frisky. Fun and flirty.

Fire takes no prisoners and tells no lies. She is open, honest and encourages those around her to leap high, follow their dreams and throw fear into the flames along with the sexy red dress she slips off her body before dancing naked under a full moon.

A well-tended fire can create more than just heat. It will sustain us, love us and remind us that all things can be healed, empowered and transformed.

You don’t need to throw petrol on a fire to ignite it. Coax the flames with gentle persuasion and know that you are the one in control. None of us wants to end up blackened to a crisp from over-exertion or find ourselves limp like a lettuce after engaging in someone else’s volcanic display.

Women who learn how to wield the element of fire teach us how to shine brightly, smoulder with allure and inspire us to dance to the beat of life with abandon. Be that woman. The one with fire in her eyes and warmth radiating from her soul.

If you want to feel like a Goddess with flames licking at her heels and smouldering at her fingertips, wear that sexy red dress more often and strut with confidence as you leave a trail of sensual smoke in your wake.

‘Fire, fire, souls desire. Changer, change me. Burning, burning higher.’ – Pagan fire soul song

With Love, Light and Blessings

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