Four elements link us spiritually, emotionally and physically to our world. Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Women connect, reflect and channel these elements in many ways. Here, writer TJ Gristwood dives deep into our connection with water.

The element of water relates to emotion. Dreams featuring water often reveal messages our subconscious is trying to disclose. Whether it is the uncomfortable sensation of drowning or floating on a peaceful millpond, our link to the element of water is strong.

Women’s emotions can run as deep as an ocean and are often just as mysterious.

The continuous flow of feelings, reactions and sentiments are like a stream within the female spirit. Whether they are moving effortlessly around obstacles or soothing a friend in need like summer rain to a sun-baked landscape, women represent this powerful element in so many ways. They can be as fierce and fathomless as a lake, created by the shifting of an ancient glacier, or as gentle as a spring shower.

Water is powerful, cleansing, healing and ever-changing. It is the turbulent sea, a calming pond and the tinkling stream, each image presenting an uncanny resemblance to the female psyche.

Women tap into emotion easily, feeling and expressing the ebb and flow of life in the same manner water adapts to its surroundings and climate. We can create our own rainstorm if we feel angry or depressed, then shift to the calming energy of a bubbling brook when the emotion has passed.

Like the ocean, a woman’s emotions can be mercurial.

The moon is a feminine symbol, governing the tides of our oceans. A woman’s menstrual cycle follows the same pattern as the moon’s phases. Groups of women living together often fall into a rhythm with their monthly cycle. And just as the ocean takes care of our planet, bringing life to the land in the form of a river or spring, the blood that flows from a woman is a sacred gift symbolising the magic within our bodies to create new life.

Women are the rivers of our society; they instinctively connect forming links across the globe bringing a unique vibrancy to our world.

Some of us are drawn to the ocean, its calming and cleansing effect bringing a deep sense of peace. The mermaids amongst us always feel more balanced after diving in the ocean, swimming a few laps in the pool or wallowing in a luxurious hot bath. Whilst the witches may find deep water a little intimidating, sensing the trepidation their ancestors experienced long ago.

You may be a ‘seasoned sailor’ understanding the power of the ocean and respecting its ever-changing moods, the wise old soul people turn to for advice. Perhaps you are one of life’s surfers chasing the perfect point break, living your life with excitement and vigour. Or do you prefer the more peaceful paddle boarding experience as you take a more calming approach on your journey? If you are a ‘tread with caution’ type, you feel more at home paddling in the shallow pools life has to offer.

We all have a unique and personal relationship with the element of water and this is reflected in the way we express ourselves.

The elements of earth and air affect us in different ways, but water brings us tears, the essential free flow of emotion. Women cry when they are happy, they cry when they are sad, some cry when they are angry! And with tears come expression and reflection. Women can purge like a broken faucet or break the force of an emotional wave like the strongest sea wall.

Are you a glass half full or half empty kind of woman? Do you find yourself drowning in emotion or floating on the top looking down into the depths of despair with wisdom and clarity? Have you mastered the art of ‘sink or swim’ during life’s many challenges? At times we can swim between each emotion with a furious crawl, gentle breaststroke or challenging butterfly.

If you remember to respect the flow of your emotions, tune into the element of water, it will cleanse you, heal you and empower you. Standing under a shower and visualising the spray clearing your body from the drain of a hard day’s work will clear your aura. Floating in a rose-scented bath to ease your tired muscles will soothe your soul.

Water hydrates our body and soul. It will clear your mind and rejuvenate you. Use it wisely and respect its power. Without hydration, we can feel fatigued and grumpy. It is a vital life force to our internal and external organs but so much more than just a vessel to help us function or act as an emotional weathervane.

The sacral chakra located above our genitals is connected to water and expresses our emotions regarding relationships, sexuality, and intimacy. To keep this chakra spinning we need to tune in and listen to our desires, feel what makes our physical and emotional body happy in this area.

Vibration affects the molecular structure of water if it is toxic or polluted. And as we contain on average sixty per cent of water in our bodies, our sensitivity to toxic or negative surroundings and people has the same effect.

Whether you are aware of these molecular changes or not, the fact remains that we diminish when our flow is disrupted and flourish when we are free to drift with a current that suits us.

What lingers in the watery depths of a woman’s emotion is more than just a mystery. It’s endless, magical, and always evolving. Just like the sea. Regardless of whether you once lived in Atlantis or prefer the feel of solid ground beneath your feet, the element of water will always play an important role in your life.

Dance in the rain, shimmy in the shower, splash in the beautiful pool of life. You will feel all the better for it.

With Love, Light and Blessings

TJ Gristwood

‘Born of water, cleansing, powerful, healing, changing. I am.’ – Witches Chant

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