In her fourth essay on the elements, writer TJ Gristwood explores the power of the air that we breathe.

From the first inhale as a newborn babe, to the last exhale as a wise woman leaving this world, the element of air plays a vital part in a woman’s physical and emotional well-being.

Women are deep thinkers and air represents intention, mental intellect and the connection to our life force.

Air is the silent conductor of our lives.

She will whisper to us in the darkness when our mind is unsettled. She will encourage us to connect to our higher self when we are confused. She is always there, holding us, guiding us, but only if we take the time to listen.

Are you aware of the symphony air creates in nature when she blows as wind in the trees? Can you hear the messages she sends us drifting on the breeze? Or have you been too busy listening to the voice in your head that is full of negative chatter?

Air dances with delight when she is balanced. She will fill our minds with positivity and encouragement, helping us with new projects and ideas. But if she is depleted or forced into a frenzy of activity, she will whip into a tornado and become ferocious and destructive.

As with all the elements balance is the key to unlocking air’s potential, and awareness is paramount.

Thoughts really do become things and what we focus on can amplify tenfold, be it in a positive or negative way, with the energy of air adding fuel to those thoughts. How we talk to ourselves within the privacy of our minds has an impact on how we communicate with others and present ourselves to the outside world.

Those of you that float through life without worries or woes have perfected the art of detaching from negative thinking, or at least how to combat those negative thoughts with daily mantras or affirmations to lift your mood when the ‘chit chat’ spirals out of control.

For those of you still struggling with the ‘angel and devil on my shoulder’ try to remember that, like a candle in the dark, just one positive thought can outshine the hundreds of negative ones that lurk like sharks in the depths of our brains.

Air is vital for our existence – we cannot live without it. So, remember to breathe when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. If you suffer from panic attacks bring yourself back to the present moment by focusing on your breath. 

Place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly to ground you. Inhale and exhale slowly; trust that the moment will pass as the incredible element of air finds a way to balance your emotions using the power of thought and will. 

Inhaling lavender essential oil also helps to calm emotions and will bring you back to your heart space holding you with love.

Vibrational healing is a powerful tool to regain balance within the element of air. Gong baths, chanting and music all resonate with air as they shatter negativity and fill our lungs with cleansing energy.

Our respiratory system functions automatically but most of us are not breathing properly, which can lead to all kinds of physical problems. 

Emotionally, our lungs represent sadness and grieving. People that suffer from diseases related to the respiratory system often have unresolved sadness or are grieving for something lost or out of reach.

Breath work has become very popular for helping us connect to our body, enabling healing and helping ease anxiety. When we connect fully to our breath we can expand energetically, sleep better, work better, and cope with the challenges we encounter with more ease.

When we experience intense emotion our breathing changes. The way we inhale and exhale shifts up or down a gear and in turn affects the other systems within our body. 

If we tune in and find balance within our breathing using meditation and breathwork, we can access the power of air and use it to empower and navigate the many emotions we experience as women.

To purify the air around you try using Lavender, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils. These oils contain natural purifying elements to clear bacteria, lingering viruses, and negative energy from your home. Adding them to a diffuser or spray can also help improve your mental clarity and immune system.

There are many crystals linked to the element of air. Amethyst activates our spiritual awareness, aids a good night’s sleep, soothes irritability, and balances our mood. Citrine is a powerful crystal for clarity and intuition and supports healing on all levels.

Flourite helps our intuition connect to the rational mind, increases our power of concentration and self-confidence, and can aid decision-making. These are just a few of the crystals associated with the element of air so use those that you are drawn to.

Air will carry us in her arms when we need support. She is everywhere, around us, within us, working hard to show us how precious we are. You can hear her as she plays the instruments of nature using the leaves, the grass, the ocean and the rocks to amplify her magic. 

You can feel her brush against your skin as a gentle summer breeze or the rush of a cold winter wind. She will saturate your senses with the scent of flowers or the salty brine of an ocean spray.

Her magic lies within our minds, our thoughts and our feelings. She is the conductor and conduit of all that we are. Every breath we take, every decision and movement, is created by air. Her energy is both gentle and fierce; her intention is to create life and bring momentum.

Sigh, sing, shout or scream to activate her power. The choice is yours.

Inhale and exhale her magic as you go about your day. Twist and turn with her as she shifts with each season. Feel her within you expanding your consciousness and filling your body with precious oxygen.

Trust that you are in control of your thoughts and that you have the power to conduct your own life whilst dancing blissfully in the wind. Thank the element of air for bringing you life and take care of her by acknowledging the gifts she brings.

Air is mighty, gentle and calm. She resonates with the feminine, empowers the masculine and pushes us forward like the blustering wind on a cliff top.

Hold onto your umbrella when she buffets you in the rain, inhale her beauty as she tickles your skin on a fresh spring day. Laugh with glee as she dances within your mind, creating new ideas and a positive outlook.

Her voice is the whisper of wisdom, the clang of epiphany, the cry of despair or the flutter of feelings buried deep within our minds. And like the caterpillar she can transform into the butterfly that radiates a graceful beauty as she grows over time, expanding and changing into something magnificent.

Just as a woman will bloom as she learns to speak with kind words in her mind, listen to her intuition and live like the wind.

Ever changing, ever growing and often unpredictable.

‘I call the wind. I call the air. I call the Mother’s breath.’  – Witches chant to conjure air.

With Love, Light and Fairy Blessings

Tara xx

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