A new year begins and the focus on fresh goals and aspirations kicks into action. TJ Gristwood on how to navigate the New Year.

As creatures of habit, the urge to follow the crowd with a new diet to shift the Christmas muffin top or make a list of what we want to achieve in the coming year, turns into an eerie kind of pressure cooker.

The need to succeed cracks like the starter gun at a racetrack and we bolt off with great enthusiasm, racing forward with a determined expression as we take the first steps to make this new year extraordinary.

But as time goes by we often find ourselves losing momentum, drifting with a current that has pulled us in another direction and wondering why things are not moving in the way we had envisioned.

Our great expectations become diluted by everyday life and our positive outlook is challenged when all we seem to achieve are the usual activities that life demands from us.

The fierce determination we had at the beginning of the new year feels like a distant memory and we forget what we intended to do in the first place. This happens when we forget to tune into our internal compass. The inner wisdom that guides us to where we need to go.

We have been bombarded once again with external distraction – the subliminal messages pumped out by the world that urge us to continue being part of the ‘machine’. The voices that urge us to continue working hard, paying our taxes, following the rules, and playing safe within the confines of a structure that keeps everyone and everything in it assembled in a nice tidy order.

Where have the great ideas, focus and goals gone?

They become lost within the routine of life and pushing through the invisible wall to escape the mundane seems futile.

But there is hope! We can continue to dream, visualise, and create all that we wish for if we remain focused!

Women can manifest anything if they put their minds to it. They make things happen and they can make it happen quickly when they want to. The setbacks happen when their focus remains on manifesting a smooth ride for the rest of the family before their own dreams, desires, and aspirations.

It takes a fierce determination to put yourself first and foremost in your life, but without the ‘me first’ attitude a woman must take to create her own bubble of bliss, the journey can seem unfulfilling and a little out of balance.

Remember that each day we navigate relatively unscathed is an achievement, every decision we make creates a ripple effect and if we tune in consciously to what we really want we can keep moving in a positive direction. But we also need to be realistic. If you have five goals to reach by the end of the day, give yourself a pat on the back if you have accomplished just one. They are all a step in the right direction.

Be proactive. Don’t sit back and wait for it to happen. Yes, you need to make it happen. Our spirit guides and angels are waving us on in the background like fabulous cheerleaders, but they are not in this physical realm. We are the ones that are here, right now, making things happen. They can support us, set things up in the background (yes, they do this if we ask them to!) and are always by our side.

But in this mortal realm we are the physical manifestation of energy that is driving the vehicle. Whether we chose to potter down a country lane admiring the view or put our foot down and race like a Ferrari towards the winner’s podium is up to us.

Thoughts do become things. So, remember to keep your thoughts on a higher vibration as much as possible. If you are having a down day, get stuck in a bog of depressing thoughts, shake it off by taking some time out so that you can tune in again.

Turn the dial on the internal radio to another station. Find the vibration of a different channel that is more inspirational and give yourself the boost you are looking for. This can be connecting with other women that make you feel happy and supported, working on a project that is just for you, something creative or simply walking in nature to feel the flow of life around you once more.

The balance between forcing things to happen and listening and waiting for the right time to make your move requires practice. But it can be done if you are aware of the signals your body, emotions and intuition are making every single day.

Listen. Feel. Absorb.

Some people call this mindfulness, others see it as focus. I believe it is all these things and much more. It is a deep sense of knowing, which we can all access if we chose to take a moment each day to slow down and really connect with our energy and unique magic.

They say that mood is a choice and how we live our life is entirely down to us, but we must consider outside influences, the free will of others and unexpected curve balls that can and will shift our direction, perception, and expectation.

Adjusting to each situation takes us back to the metaphor of driving our vehicle in life. When you are in your car you are focused, you are looking at the road ahead and you are ready for that emergency stop scenario if necessary. Use this in your everyday life, know where you are going, remain focused during the journey but accept their may be traffic jams and moments of frustration if the sat nav sends you off down a winding country lane.

You will get there in the end.

Prepare for your journey, fill up your energy tank, allow extra time, relax, enjoy the view along the way and it will be a pleasant experience. You will achieve your goals, you will look back and see that regardless of how long it took, you made it to where you wanted to go.

And so, my message to you at the start of this brand-new year is to keep listening, stay tuned, adjust the course if necessary and try not to give yourself a hard time if the journey seems to take longer than expected.

Put yourself first and the rest will follow.

Focus. Participate. One thing at a time.

Before you know it, you will have reached the end of another year of unexpected, delightful, adventures that are all part of your unique journey through life.

With Love, Light and Fairy Blessings

T J Gristwood


Instagram @tjgristwood


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