What does it mean to be the sovereign of our lives, wonders TJ Gristwood? How do we claim the status of Queen of Hearts and step into all this title symbolises?

The very mention of the word ‘Queen’ creates a powerful image. She is a woman of substance who is in control and in command. Her very aura conjures the image of a woman with a holy connection to the God and Goddess. This sassy lady not only has a direct link to the heavens but speed dial on her phone to the supreme beings who guide her throughout her life when she is making decisions and putting them into action.

She was born for this supreme position and like the rest of us, in this ever-evolving and challenging world, worked her sweet backside off to achieve the recognition.

My favourite Queen in history is the fictitious character from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, ‘The Queen of Hearts’. The reason I find her so appealing is her wonderfully warped personality, dusted with a sprinkle of ruthlessness. She seems a little more realistic to me than the carefully constructed Queens of history.

As women, we often aspire to become Queen of our castle. We wish to project the image of a strong ruler who holds integrity and justice like a set of scales in her hands. She is kind and loving but formidable and mighty in her position as ruler of the household. Never doubt her ability to make the right decisions in times of crisis.

The Queen’s word is final and if she is ever questioned… well, then it’s a verdict of ‘off with their head!’

From childhood, her tutorial begins with the role-play of ‘Princess’. She is learning her trade, watching how the real Queen gains love and admiration from her subjects with a strong hand and the subtle touch of manipulation or flattery. Our first ‘subject’ is often our father; he is, after all, the one who gives us the title to begin with! The roles we play within our family hierarchy from childhood often mould us into the confident creature we strive to become as adults.

This spiritual path to attain such enlightenment and entitlement, traversing the road to step into our power and become the Queen of the castle, depends on so many factors and is unique to us all.

Queenly status is hard-earned as we grow older. She desires a partner that can match her fortitude with a crown of equal fitting on their head. The saying ‘behind every good King is an even stronger Queen’, holds more relevance than you could ever imagine.

Just look at Henry VIII and his long list of wives! It was a risky business to strive for Queendom in the past. The battle was ferocious, full of risks and trepidation. They may have received riches and privileges that mere mortals of the Kingdom could only ever dream of, but the underlying threat of being usurped or beheaded was somewhat stressful.

Thankfully in our modern world,  the role of the Queen is no longer so intense.

It is a role obtained through determination, wisdom, and a willingness to listen and learn what is required for her realm to run smoothly. A commitment from the Queen to work on her own strengths and weaknesses. She must remember how powerful she is and never doubt how incredibly unique her individual characteristics are. Believe her voice needs to be heard.

To become Queen, we must recognise all that we are. We must believe in our gifts, use them without fear and trust our intuition. We are the master of our universe; we choose the flow of our lives without restriction or judgement. We must release ourselves from the low-level vibrations that used to keep us a prisoner, trapped from becoming the formidable force we were meant to be. We must dismiss the stories that kept us small and afraid to bloom so we can grow into women that act, inspire and empower.

It is no wonder women have been repressed throughout history. They make wise and just decisions, using love as their motivation. They are a force to be reckoned with. Always looking for ways to nurture, survive and thrive, no matter the situation.

We remember the ‘Queen of Hearts’ Princess Diana. She caught the world’s attention with her loving nature, her acts of kindness and determination as she struggled to remain afloat within our own royal structure. Her message was clear. Be true to yourself. Speak with truth and integrity no matter the odds stacked against you. Fight for justice, love and freedom.

Regardless of which Queen you find the most inspirational, remember to use your own power to step into this role. Kick the voice that says ‘someone may not approve’ to the curb when you decide to express your opinion and authority to be the woman you know you are.

Worthy. Wise. Authoritative.

A woman willing to become better, stronger, and never surrender during the age-old battle of obtaining peace, joy and love.

You deserve the title of ‘Queen of Your World’. You worked hard to achieve this status, even if you did have moments of throwing your best china at the wall and shouting, ‘Off with their heads!’ to obtain it.

With Love and Fairy Blessings,

T J Gristwood x

Queen of Hearts

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